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Apex Features

We would like to take a moment to share the Toll Free Freedom voice system features that have helped thousands of small business owners launch and build their business. With the many features that we have to offer, we're able to give you the same look and feel of established corporations with no expensive equipment to buy or software to install!

Instant Setup
Did you know?
You can change your system at any time.
Instant Setup
Pricing: Apex
Free Trial Free Trial!
Base Rental $79.95
Included Minutes 2500
Additional Minutes 3.9¢/min
One-Time Activation Fee Waived!
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Features: Apex
Get a Toll Free Number Included
Dedicated Customer Support Included
Unmatched Reliability (99% Up Time) Included
Name and Address Capture 10¢ each
Multiple Voicemail Boxes 100 boxes
ANI Call Capture (Caller ID) Included
Find Me / Follow Me Hot! Included
Six Second Billing Increments Included
Unlimited Voicemail Capacity Included
Unlimited Outgoing Message Length Included
Call Announce / Screening Included
Call Whisper Included
Auto Attendant Included
Question and Answer Voicemail Included
List of Extensions Included
On-Hold with Music Included
Internal Call Transfer Included
External Call Transfer Included
Call Back and Pager Notification Included
Virtual Calling Card Included
Virtual Call Return Included
Call Blocking / Call Limiting Included
Fax Mail Included
Emailed Voice & Fax Delivery Hot! Included
WebLINK Virtual Control Panel Hot! Included
Fax Send Included
Area Code Routing NEW! Included
Zip Code Routing NEW! Included
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Enhancements: Apex
Fax-Back / Fax-on-Demand $5/mo
After-Hours Greeting $5/mo
Dedicated Fax $5/mo
Local Numbers NEW! $10/mo
Dial-by-Name Directory $10/mo
Call Queuing $10/mo
Random Hold Music $5/mo
Personalized On-Hold Music $5/mo
Mailbox Rotation $5/mo
Five Additional Mailboxes $5/mo
Additional Toll Free Number $5/mo
TalkText Message Transcription $10/mo
PodFone $10/mo
Call Record NEW! $69.95/mo
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Value Added Services (One time costs)
Name and Address Capture Hot! 10¢ each
Professional Voice Talent $45+
Budget Voice Talent $15+
Common Customizations Varies
Custom Systems Contact Us

Toll Free Number Options (One time costs)
System Generated Toll Free Number No Charge
True 800 Numbers $10
Vanity Numbers (If available) $30
Transfer Existing Toll Free Numbers $30

Additional Toll Free Numbers
Additional System Generated Number $5/mo line charge
Additional Vanity Number (If available) $10 + $5/mo line charge
Additional Transfer $10 + $5/mo line charge

Compare Plans
Foundation Startup Pro Apex

Optional features are priced per month. Additional features are one-time fees. There is no setup fee to add an optional feature. You may add or remove any optional feature at anytime if your account is in good standing.

Have specific needs? We can create custom systems to fulfill your specific business request. Contact us today to see how we can provide a customized voice solution for you.

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