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Toll Free Vanity Numbers

A toll free vanity number can greatly improve your marketing results by making your number that much easier to remember. You can search for as many toll free vanity numbers as you would like until we find a perfect match! Not only do we have 888, 877, and 866 prefixes, but true 800 numbers as well!

Please keep this information in mind when requesting your vanity number:

  • 866 & 877 vanity numbers are easier to find, followed by 888 numbers, followed last by 800 numbers.
  • Shorter letter combinations will increase the possibility of finding a requested number.
  • The more letters in your request, the harder it will be to find an available number. For example (xxx) GETNAME is less likely to be available than (xxx) xxx-NAME or (xxx) NAME-xxx.
  • Please allow some extra time to get these numbers assigned.
  • There is a one time fee of $30 to set this up.
  • If we can't get your requested vanity number, you don't pay for it.

You can check on the availability of a vanity number simply by filling out our vanity search form.


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