Virtual Phone System     

Local Numbers

You can now add a virtual local number to any system that we offer. Incoming calls do not incur per-minute fees and forwarded calls are billed at 4.4¢ per minute - billed in 6 second increments.

Add as many lines or area codes as you need for only $10 per month. $10 gets you a local number in the area code of your choosing with 2 lines to handle simultaneous inbound voice or fax calls at the same time. This means if two callers are connected to the system through your virtual local number, the third caller will receive a busy signal. For only $10/mo you can add an additional two lines or even add an additional area code with 2 lines.

You can request a local number through our online order form. On Step 3, check the box noting that you would like to add a "Local Number" to your order. Then enter the desired area code. If the requested area code is in stock, a number will be randomly generated, added to your system and activated immediately. If the requested area code is not in stock, we'll order a number for you and it should be active on your system within 1-2 business days.

Please note: Local numbers do not have the same capability of defeating caller ID blocking as do toll-free numbers. If the caller blocks their ID, the system will not capture the caller's telephone number.


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