Virtual Phone System     

Find Me / Follow Me

This service tracks you down at home, office, or on your cell phone to deliver a caller to you. It announces the name of the caller and lets you choose to talk to the person or send them to voice mail. You can even select times of day and days of the week for taking calls on a particular number.

  • Never miss a call - being available to your customers can mean the difference between getting the sale or not.
  • Save huge amounts of time by not talking to "time wasters" sending them to voice mail instead.
  • Create an image of a single office while you and your partners work from different homes, different cities or even different states.
  • Boost your efficiency by blocking out "DO NOT DISTURB" times (when you won't take calls) to complete office work.
  • Customer service is a vital part of any business. Follow-me Live Call-transfer allows you to provide the best.

WebLink makes setup of your find-me / follow-me preferences a breeze.


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