Virtual Phone System     

System Customizations

We offer a number of customizations that add to the flexibility of our toll free systems including those listed below.

Customization Price
Multiple Main Menus $8/mo.
Pin Protected Mailboxes $25/mailbox
Confirmation Number $100 setup
Digit Capture $50 setup
Message Confirmation $25 setup
Personalized Hold Music $5/mo.
Non-Standard Extension Numbers $50 setup
Place Account on Hold $5/mo.
Customized Mailbox Hold Music $25 setup + $5/mo.
Toll-Free Directory Assistance Listing $30 setup + $15/mo.
Time of Day Greeting $50 setup
External Mailbox Rotation $50 setup + $5/mo.

Please contact us with any questions about the customizations above or if you have questions about something you don't see. We can probably do it.


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