Virtual Phone System     

Call Whisper

Call Whisper is used alongside the Find Me / Follow Me call transfer feature. It is used to find out who is calling before the call is accepted. You can turn this feature on or off for any of your mailboxes.

Example: A caller dials in to your toll free number, and they are instructed to dial one to speak with a customer support representative. When the caller dials one there will be a default recording, which says, "To tell your party who's calling, please say your name after the tone and press any key when finished." The caller will then hear on-hold music, while we try to find you. When you pick up the phone, you will hear a recording that says, "You have a call from John Smith, dial any key to accept this call." If you choose to take the call you will dial a key, if not the caller will be sent to voicemail where they can leave you a message.


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